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Dialysis Centre

Kidney Friendly Meal Delivery

Renal nutrition is gaining significant impact in the improvement of nutritional status and quality of life among dialysis patients. Being inspired by the courage of the patients to come back to the chair three days per week, Homey is passionate to deliver renal nutrition support and care so that they can continue to fight for better quality of life. At Homey, we provide kidney-friendly meals & dialysis friendly meals which are planned accordingly and medically-customized by Homey dietitian emphasizing on high-quality protein and low in potassium, phosphorus and sodium.

Managing your phosphorus, potassium, salt, protein, and fluid intake is part of the renal friendly meal delivery. Homemade kidney diet meals can be beneficial. Our chefs and dietitians designed these kidney-friendly meals to be appropriate for a renal diet. Following a renal diet is an important aspect of your treatment if you've been diagnosed with renal disease. You'll feel much better, and the diet will help you avoid issues including fluid retention, loss of weight, weakened bones, and irreparable kidney damage. Our aim is to achieve that renal patients receive the proper diet in a tasty and varied form that will keep them eating fun. Our goal for families is to give a kidney-friendly meal delivery service that avoids the added stress of deciding what to cook. We offer both pre-dialysis and dialysis-friendly meals.

However, the limitations make it tough to stick to the diet and to understand what to eat. This is where Homey comes to the rescue with our renal friendly meal delivery. Ready-made renal diet meals are delivered to your door; you place them in the freezer and take them out as needed to reheat. They're great for quick lunches and dinners. We at Homey understand the difficulties that people with renal illness face and has created kidney-friendly meal delivery menu options with fully-prepared meals that you can select depending on the nutritional requirements linked with your specific stage of kidney disease.

Each and every kidney-friendly meal is designed to satisfy the needs of people with Stage 5 End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) who are on hemodialysis, but they may also be useful for people with Stage 3 or 4 acute kidney disease due to their less stringent dietary needs. Our in-house dietitian curates each meal based on individual medical needs. Patients who are unable to make their own meals may benefit from Homey's renal-friendly food delivery service. Furthermore, delivered meals can help dialysis patients who work offer a short meal that fits the renal diet criteria.

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